Friday, October 21, 2011

Defenders For Children

By Bruce Brady

We have a local organization called “Defenders for Children” that is fighting to end child abuse in the Greenville, SC area and beyond. I’ve joined this group because I believe children are God’s most precious gift to us and we need to protect them. This can only be accomplished by each of us doing whatever we can to prevent their being harmed, and helping abusers to deal with their issues in a healthy way. Take a look at your community and see what you can do to help put an end to the death of children at the hands of angry and misguided parents and other adults.

As Christians, it’s our collective responsibility to help raise all children. Not just those who are born into our families or are members of our church, but all children. We are called to live lives that set Godly examples for all children to follow. Pray that God will show us how to do our part and that we’ll be obedient to His call. Let’s live our lives as if everything we do is teaching children how to live, because they’re watching.

God bless the children and God bless you. Please watch this BBC News video and share your comments with me and all your friends.

The BBC investigates the scale of child abuse in the US.

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  1. God bless you, Bruce, and all those who are joining forces to protect children in our community -- and beyond. Praying God will provide wisdom, discernment, and resources.