Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unforeseen Paths

by Bruce Brady

After three months of no response, I assumed the idea was dead. Less than two weeks ago, I was completely surprised when I received a request for the article I’d pitched five months earlier. This request came from an editor I didn’t know; who received my proposal from the woman I originally pitched. Even more astonishing is the fact that this editor couldn’t us my article in her publication. She wanted it to pass on to another editor at a different publication; an editor who isn’t accepting unsolicited articles.

In my soul-searching since attending a writer’s conference last May, I realized I’m most interested in writing fiction. I truly believed that God was calling me to write a novel. After not hearing back on my article proposal, I took that as a sign of confirmation. So I laid aside any thoughts of writing nonfiction and began work on my novel.

Confusion was mixed with elation when I received the request. This editor was offering an opportunity that I’ve been told by many never happens. This wonderful editor was taking a big chance on an unknown writer. With nothing to go on but my written proposal, she is risking her professional reputation by promoting my article to a colleague. In worldly terms, she and the first editor have nothing to gain and stand to lose a great deal of credibility if the third editor doesn’t like my work.

Whether or not my article is accepted isn’t the issue. The real issue here is the fact that both of these women are answering their calls and doing a great job of it. God told them to give someone a chance and their making every effort to turn that chance into success. They’re not only answering their calls, they’re going the extra mile by going way beyond the boundaries of their job responsibilities. But they understand for whom they really work. I pray that I will be just as obedient in answering my call. I’m sure God is proud of them, and I will never forget them.

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  1. Congratulations, Bruce!! That's great, and it just goes to show that if you're faithful to write and submit, God will take it from there!

    I hope it gets published!