Monday, February 21, 2011

It’s Never Just About You…

Today I wrote a brief article for “” and realized something that has been true whenever God talks to me, guides me and corrects me. It’s never been just about me. As I was writing the article, the Holy Spirit gently showed me how even my most personal lessons from God have a profound effect on others. He never really does something just for me alone. And that is because He loves us all and wants us all to be positive influences in the lives of everyone else. God is calling all of us to be better people; people who care about others more than ourselves.

Think of Jesus’ life. His whole life was about benefiting others. He promised us that the more we serve others, the more we will be rewarded, but this should not be our motivation. If it is, then we are still all about ourselves. I understand that we begin life with a self-focus. Most everything we do is motivated by how our actions will benefit us. Yet God has promised that the more selfless we are, the more we will truly benefit in an eternal way. And the eternal is so much more important than the now. But He doesn’t ignore the now. He rewards our selfless service by blessing us with great personal joy and by meeting all our needs.

As I eluded to in previous posts, I very recently, December 2010, started a new venture as a writer. I did so at the urging of a good friend and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. This was an answer to prayer that I had been seeking for many years. What I didn’t mention before is that 2 months before that, I began another new venture as the director of our church’s Drama Ministry. I also had never done this before but the God assured me that He wanted me to do it. And, last month, I began re-flooring my deck and, with the help of an experienced friend, building a roof over it. So, in three months time I began three new ventures, none of which I had any experience in. I’m not telling you this to blow my own horn. I’m telling you this because I want you to know that when God calls you to do something, He doesn’t care about your lack of experience, or your background, or your age or any other human condition, He only cares that you are willing to trust Him enough to take a leap of pure faith.

I wasn’t what I considered a writer, I’m not an ordained minister or even a staff member of my church and I’m not a contractor or builder. I’m just a man who loves God, is grateful for the price He paid for me and is willing to go where He leads me. At first, following Him was scary because I had no control over where I would go or what I would do, and I like being in control. However, my early baby-steps of faith resulted in unimaginable joy, so now I happily jump when God calls. I sometimes get nervous because I still consider my personal shortcomings, but I know God doesn’t care about those. Thus, it is ever easier and more exciting for me to take hold of the new challenges He sets before me.

Is God calling you to do something completely scary; something you’ve never done before? If so, take a leap of faith. Follow His lead. If you need the assistance of others, He will lead you to them. Remember, He says in His Word that when we put our faith in Him and seek wise counsel our plans will succeed. 


  1. Great post - Some days I think I need to have 'it's not about me' tattooed to my forehead!

  2. Great post Bruce! I'm really enjoying your blog!