Friday, February 25, 2011

A Storm's Silver Lining

A storm is blowing into our neighborhood. As I listen to the wind howling through the trees and the rain pounding on the windows, I’m reminded how much my life used to be like this storm. Before I knew God, I would howl and pound, and manipulate, in an attempt to get my own way. And if I failed, I would storm off, absorbed in an inner rage that would rule over me for a long time, the memory of that failure returning often for several months or years after. No different than anyone’s, my human nature would keep me tied up in emotional knots because I failed to get my own way. You see, human nature makes all of us selfishly competitive which leads to all kinds of negative health issues and sinful thoughts. I can’t count the number of times I injured and killed people, at least in my thoughts, because they prevented me from obtaining my own egocentric desires.

Thankfully God didn’t give up on me. Actually, He doesn’t give up on anybody which is why we are still waiting for Christ’s return. Understanding His patience is difficult at best. However, I am eternally grateful that He is patient because it saved my life and my soul. I’m not saying that I became immediately altruistic. Not even close. My self-centered nature fought long and hard to stay in control. But God is patiently molding me into the humble, charitable, unselfish person He created me to be. When I look at where I came from, I can see He has made enormous changes in me over the past 30 years. Today, more often than not, I prioritize the welfare of others over my own. However, His work is not yet done.

One thing I have learned is how wonderful He makes me feel when I answer His call to help others. I’m no longer helping others to primarily benefit myself. He has transformed me to the point where I can honestly help others with no concern for “what’s in it for me?” The real beauty of this is that when I allow Him to work through me to serve others, He provides much greater joy and rewards than selfishness ever could.

So are you fighting His calling like I did? Are you walking with God but not submitting to His control? Why not take a chance? Let Him lead your every step for a month, a week and see if you don’t find much less stress in your life. Let Him take the lead and enjoy the wonderful peace and joy that He provides. Life can be a wonderful adventure if we’ll just let Him be our guide.


  1. Great post. So true for all of us. Thanks for your honesty and transparency.

  2. Inspiring post, Bruce. Another great reminder of God's power in and through the life of one ready for a John 10:10 adventure!