Saturday, March 31, 2012

Are You Following Your Call Or Yielding To Push?

In examining my life, I realized that I made many decisions based on the influence of others. It was clear they pushed me so they could live vicariously through me. Some just wanted to control me. Others challenged me for their own amusement. Very few were concerned with my best interest. By yielding to the pressure of others, I made a lot of bad choices.

However, I did learn from my past. I learned we are all here for a reason. Each of us has a unique, specific, God-given purpose for our life on earth, a calling.  Our specific calling will create a deep hunger within us. This hunger will never be appeased by money, fame, sex, family, possessions, popularity, or anything the world has to offer. It’s a hunger that can only be satisfied by following God’s calling. And until we discover and pursue our calling, we’ll never be happy.
While watching the movie “October Baby,” I realized what I must do to satisfy the hunger within me. I must reach out to others through my words. I must tell everyone there is a God, and He loves them, just as they are. I must do my best to explain that each of us is important to the one who created us and He wants us to love and respect all people as He does.

Through His Son, Jesus, God told us that His greatest desire is for us to love Him and each other. He wants us to put the needs of others above our own. He wants us to serve others as His ambassadors, loving and caring for them. Yes, this is a sacrificial love. But He will reward us for all our selfless efforts. And if we’re truly sharing God’s love, we won’t care about personal gain.

If your chosen life-path isn’t satisfying your hunger, your empty feeling, ask God to give you direction. It’s okay if you don’t know Him. When we earnestly seek Him, He will respond. His response may not come immediately or even overnight, but it will come, as long as you keep seeking it. Understand that God first wants a relationship with you.  He wants to be your trusted friend. And when you trust Him, He will show you the way. And don’t be surprised if He takes you in a new direction.

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  1. Love this post, Bruce! Thanks for sharing your heart! May we all seek Him and follow hard after Him!